ouuuughh... so upset. why is my dad like this? hes so overwhelmingly negative.. i know hes wrong but it still gets to me. "by the time you meet up he'll find someone else.
or you will." really? youre still on about that? no he wont.. no i wont. why are you so intolerant? of people? of love? why are you so angry? all questions i couldve asked myself a
year ago but.. god. is this the way people felt around me? fuck.. im sorry. julia, sierra, karlie, im sorry for being so miserable. love is a light. im a lot happier now, with niko.
my dad breaks me down so badly. "it wont last anyway." fuck you man. im going to prove you wrong. WE are going to prove you wrong. why cant you fathom falling in love
over the internet. he fucking yells at me when i tell my boyfriend i love him. he says it irritates him. its not FOR you. he says we can say it over the phone. "youve been
sooo in love for how many months & you havent even said hello over the phone." bro we've got anxiety. he wont let me respond to his text now either. i hate this. and he keeps
yelling that i HAVE NO WHERE TO GO, ILL NEVER MAKE IT OUT THERE if i do so choose to leave when im 18. i SAID i didnt WANT TO. but i CAN. no i dont have a fucking
plan but ill figure it out if i absolutley have to. he also keeps emphasizing that i dont drive & i dont have a job. i CAN drive, im capable of it, i just DONT bc i DONT fucking LIKE it.
i dont have a job YET. i will get one. you said i need to worry about school first. you underestimate what i'll do if i have to. ill live somewhere with julia or niko, whoever is
closer and more avalible to room with me at the time. worst WORST case scenario i contact vince. hell, or i ask blake to live with me. given he has income by then. OR or..
woooooooorst case scenario i ship myself to england for that dude from kik LMFAO. id never come back, but thats neither here nor there. the POINT IS. if i want to LEAVE,
i will LEAVE. got that? in one way or another i will get out of here if i NEED to. im not going to NOT TELL MY BOYFRIEND I LOVE HIM BECAUSE YOOOOOURE
UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT. GOD.... you irritate me you irritate me you irritate me. he also says stop swearing so much LOL fuck no!!.. angry. angry girl full of
anger.. im angry because i dont understand. "you dont need to understand." YES THE FUCK I DO. I GET THAT YOOOOURE THE ADULT AND IIIIM YOUR

ahhg my baby..please dont text less. im sorry about him. all in time my love, we'll be alone together soon enough. i love you to pieces. you make me so happy