i ache. i ache so badly. this hurts so bad. all i want is to be with niko. i hurt so bad. i hurt so so so so so bad. i cant think about anything else. where are you. are you okay?....
& yknow..hahhh... all in time all in time! but i FUCKING miss him. i KNOW that we will make it through. but god damn this is awful.

"i hate everyone!, its so easy. i wouldnt do it if i rly didnt care." - i hate everyone : msi

i am in so much pain. it wont go away. i cant feel like this for months. its 5pm now. i still feel like hell. i cant wait for this all to be over. to just smoke a joint with him.
kiss him. for everything to be okay & over with. i just want him to be okay & not fucking hate me. i miss him so much. i hurt. my whole body hurts. & i have to go to julia's tonight.
its her birthday.. i fear i wont be much fun. i almost feel bad. i also think i saw karlie on the road today. i was already crying but it sure did not help.