today, friends, was the worst day. nikos mom is smarter than i bargained for. she read our FUCKING MAIL? WHORE. best part though? my dad doesnt rly believe her.
err...all of this is so fragile. i spent all day crying and fretting but..the more i think about it..i dont think i should worry. my niko loves me. hes better than this. he is smart like me.
we will find a way. nothing is going to keep us apart forever. [redacted] hes gonna be locked up for a good while. i feel like im dying already. but i will deal with it.
& i will wait for my niko for years if thats what it will take. i am so incredibly broken & worried over this. but everything will work out for me, it always fucking does.
i have a psych eval on december 31st but you bet im lying my ass off. & no more therapy, said too much. [redacted] & they said i shouldnt talk to niko at all anymore.
LOLLL sure... fucking whores, all of you. i just need to keep reminding myself that i am 100% smarter than all of you. i just cant stop thinking about my baby going through all of this
for me. for us. but i trust him. hes loyal to me, theres no doubt in my mind. but these next few months are going to SUUUUUUCK. so. so much. stay tuned everyone~~~
so much to come. stay excited. this is all part of their plan. our fate. fate fate fate fate. i will fuckin ace this. yr all so wrong. i will always skate my way out of shit. until i die.
good luck to us all. lets have some fun ⚝

on another note. i want to fucking die. i miss him. i cant go months without him. i cant be without him for long. i dont know what to do. my niko. my baby.
please come home. please come back. please please please please please please please please please i need you i need you i need you i need you i need you.
FUUUUUCK i miss him.... i cant handle this.