i was right. his mom texted me a few nights ago. hes inpatient. my baby. five to ten days without you. this is hell already. i hope youre out by the weekend.
ive been writing to you in my phone notes as well. your mom didnt text last night. i miss you so fucking much. i hope you dont meet anyone cooler than me in there.
ive been occupying myself per usual. texting cal. found vinces number but im not that desperate lol. ahh.. i miss my niko. my niko. my niko. my niko ♡ ♡ ♡ im waiting so patiently...
id wait years for him. five to ten days...please cooperate so its only five. what else? been cuttin. therapy today. i can never tell if im looking forward 2 therapy or not.
hahaha. nikomila fans of the future, let this whole ordeal be a lesson to you all! DO NOT, EVER, PLAN YOUR SHIT OVER THE INTERNET. GOD PLEASE.
i KNOW how insanely tempting it is but it NEVER WORKS.

god therapy sucked. said too much. i need niko back NOW.