today, like yesterday, has felt very weird. this morning i was thinking lots about sol. then i thought about rina. then dylan & eric. i had therapy today. boy do i lie well! ^u^
after therapy i was hit with some major [REDACTED.] its drives me fucking crazy every time. i want to cut open someones chest & drink from it. i want to shove my hand
into a chest cavity & fuck it with my whole arm. i wanna touch a heart while its still beating and crush it between my hands. i want to pull someones eyes out & spit in the sockets.
but GOD do i want to stab someone to death. to sit on someone & just stab all of my frustration into their chest & neck. fuck fuck fuck i want to rip people APART.
it makes me foam at the mouth. [redacted] i might go make myself throw up now. brb.