im going to kill myself. i dont know when or how but im going to kill myself & its going to be my final "fuck you", i refuse to live with my head & my head
refuses to change. i cant live with being told i dont deserve to speak. im being hit in the side of the arm, saying youre going to, & i quote, "punch the glasses
off my face if i do that again"? do what? make a mostake? and you know what. i dont care. please for the love of YOUR god, hit me. i know you want to.
"when i do stupid stuff".. according to you thats everything i do. i dont care. everything passes so quickly, i'll get over this in 15 minutes but what DOESNT
pass is the fact no one & i mean no one can prevent the inevitable. medicate & therapy all you want, I WILL NOT PASS A CERTAIN AGE. FUCK ALL OF YOU.