heyo! 12:27pm friday. holy shit its the 26th already.. eugh. the last two days have been great. two days ago we cut the grass, i took a shower, then maddi came and
took me to get my eyebrows threaded! ive never had them threaded before. it was a shop up in sharonville run by a lil indian girl. maddi said that it hurt, but nothing
worse than a tattoo. which, i loved the tattoo pain lol. we smoked on the way to & from of course. maddis had good weed lately, i actually think G is buying off of her
soon.. shouldnt rly be talking about that here. anywho. then we went to a crystal shop in struthers. they had fuckinnnn crystals, necklaces, tarot cards, ouija boards, and
a ton of these lil sculptures of cats, fairies & whatever else. ive strayed so far from the whole witchy-ness aesthetic-vibe-type-thing. it doesnt suit me but its still comforting.