5pm sunday. yesterday my dad and i went up to my uncles house. (his brother) and we went to the fairport harbor beach place or whatever. it was nice. i enjoy
sunlight a whole lot, but i burn so easily. my dad and i walked down to the water and back while my uncle sun tanned. we sat and talked on the bench for an hour,
in the shade, but my legs still got red. i heard a lady speaking a slavic language to her daughter and pretty quickly picked it up as russian. i couldnt really understand
any of it, but i told my dad and of course he leaned over and told her i liked her language. she said they just came to america a year ago, but her basic english was great
actually. heavy accent but thats a plus. i love the ride to and from my uncles but i dont particularly enjoy being there. ive never been close with him, we're both standoffish.
oh and he doesnt have wifi but my hotspot sufficed. brody got me back on msp ahah. its only fun cuz i used to have vip. anyway. drove home at like 7am. by 11 i was
exaushted but didnt end up taking a nap. been on the computer all day. usually i entertain myself but ive been super bored today. i need to throw myself back into columbine
& the manson family. very soon too. fight club, manson family & columbine seemed to be an unhealthy combo but i have no idea why it didnt last long. today feels incomplete?
i want to accomplish something before i sleep.