hello, it is 2am currently. today went very quickly. yesterday i should say. i took a nap around one or two since i had to sleep on julias fucking sofa last night.
she always wants me to come to her house. why? i understand she doesnt want to come here all the time, but i cannot fucking sleep when im there.
either im on a couch, a cot, the floor, her BROTHERS COUCH. not to mention shes a sixteen year old girl that needs a light on to fall asleep. at least she
says she does. i dont let her do that shit at my house and she sleeps perfectly fine. she said its because her mom always asks what my house smells like.
my house smells like weed, donna. plus now julia doesnt even smoke anymore. she complains that we dont have as much fun as we did the summer of 2018
but we literally spent every other week losing our minds upstairs. she used to give me money to buy it for us and now she wont come over my fucking house.
i cant say im surprised because similar things have happened before with other people. BUT same as all the other bullshit thats thrown at me, ill deal with it.

its 4pm now. waking up was rough today for some reason but once i got up i felt better. went shopping so now theres food in the house but i havent really
decided if thats a good thing or a bad thing. got sparkling waters :) uhh i guess i should touch on the fact im back on track with my own little agenda.
i was distracted for a few months but im back and it feels good. our friend group is growing. now we have two girls my age i believe. we've had hope so its
not like im the only girl but hope and i have never really spoken. and shes older i believe, i thought i heard 23 but i could be wrong. it would be weird if vince & fabio werent 20/21
but i enjoy the age differences. i think it gives perspective on a lot of things. and according to past experiences i dont mingle incredibly well with people my age, let alone men.
boys i should say. young men if you will. anyway. i like both girls so far, im not going to put their names here, at least not yet. not sure why. but i also wont refer to them as peegirl & puppy lol.
as cute as both names are. im going to stop writing and work on this site. до скорого.