LOLL GUYS THIS IS SO WACK! classes r wildly smaller. im the sexiest one here but theres only three of us so.. it wasnt too difficult. we had to tell everyone
our pronouns which i think was neat. we have a she/they! their name is izzy ^__^ idk if we'll interact much but i wish all she/theys a very recovery. my water
bottle expires on january 19th, 2023. ive also quickly discovered that my primary conversation starter is '... you like nine inch nails?' these clipon earrings kinda hurt..
yaaah~~ beauty is pain RITE? man i wish i were playing dbd right now. i woke up @ 6:30 though & played a few rounds b4 i had to leave..so. it is addicting.
we are listening to a classical violin cover of 'moves like jagger' by maroon 5. OH OH NIKO, we can 'talk' on our google doc for the first hour of the morning.
dont..have to. theres nothing we cant wait to say. but. idk idk! bored bored. when does therapy start? fuck school hour (>__<)"....

man im in love. im gonna sketch kpop names 2 pass time. olivia. yves. jinsoul. hyunjin. heejin. haseul. yeojin. gowon. chuu. choerry. kimlip. vivi. woojin. felix.
hyunjin. jisung. minho. jeongin. seungmin. bangchan. changbin. momo. nayeon. dahyun. chaeyoung. jihyo. jeongyeon. mina. sana. tzuyu. doyeon. yoojung. sei. elly. rina.


izzy eats pennies