hiiiii (threat). niko when u see this im giving u a kiss rn :**** i didnt rly have anything 2 say but now that im typing ummm. im tryin to eat earlier in the day
so i stop being starving at 9pm. going well so far. yesterday i had two eggs & a piece of toast. today i had a turkey & swiss wrap. feels bad. but its gonna help
in the long run i think. i love song hayoung. i also love calvin. also my dog wont stop bugging me to take him outside. uhhhhhh.. im hyper aware of my
thighs touching at all times now and it is unbearable. gonna go exercise now. do acid !!!!!!!! stan led zeppelin!!!!!!!!!

everyone wants 2 die with me! always! im convinced its because they know that im definitely going to do it at some point. so sooooo many people r like
'wa wa wa i dont belong here im gonna kms' but i think people can tell that im not joking lol.. at least i hope.