yeesh. happy new year. everytime i update this site i feel like a completely different person. i finally did blotter acid instead of the gel tabs. shits INSANE.
khyli & julia slept over that day too so needless to say i was very overwhelmed. recently (and only slightly releated to me doing blotter acid) i was reminded
of my place in the world & why i was put here. its not like i forgot or anything, but in a period of waiting its easy to get distracted, as i have many times
before. six doomed souls huh? and youre content with that? dying quietly? leaving people to find you on their own? such a meaningless death. i will never understand
living with such a docile train of thought. believing god has some big master plan for you. i will go out when i want, how i want, where i want and with who i want.
everything MUST be done yourself or youre going to rot on this earth waiting for yOuR tiMe. ANYTIME is your fucking time, you just have to seek it out.